Infrared Heaters for Auto Repair and 
Auto Body Shops

Gas fired, infrared heaters are an energy efficient way of heating vehicle repair shops and auto body shops. They help to keep floors dry and create minimal dust movement, as these gas heaters do not move or heat air.
Infrared heaters warm people, floors and objects.

These objects, such as cars and trucks, act as heat reservoirs and retain the heat, so that less heat is lost when garage doors are opened. As a result, recovery time is less than with conventional forced air heaters, thereby reducing energy bills. Another benefit of installing an auto body shop heater or a repair shop heater is that they can be installed up to 80 feet high. This saves valuable floor space, keeps workers warm and provides more room for customers and vehicles.  

ROBERTS GORDON VANTAGE line of unitary radiant heaters have years of field-proven product performance in the automotive industry. Design flexibility is achieved with straight, U-tube or L configurations and a broad range of burner sizes and tube lengths. Natural gas heater and (LPG) propane heater models are  available. For specific product information click one of the models below; 


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